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Our dream of building the winery began over twenty-five years ago, with the joy of sharing the experience with friends and family. 
— Owner, and winemaker Dan Martin

In 1993, Thérèse and Dan Martin began planting rows of Cabernet Sauvignon along their 17 acre property, with the intent of selling their fruit to local wineries. Four years later, Thérèse and Dan got the itch to give winemaking a go, and by 2002 they released their first commercial crush of 625 cases.

That same year, the Martins decided it was time to turn their dream of building a community around a winery into a reality. They embarked on the monumental task of building a commercial winery, including a barrel room, tasting room, and production facilities.

Today our vineyard has rows of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Nebbiolo, and Pinot Noir, in addition to the original Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Each year we produce close to 10,000 cases under our three award-winning labels: J.D. Hurley, Soulmate, and Thérèse Vineyards. 

Our Brands


J.D. Hurley



Thérèse Martin’s wines bear her name under our Thérèse Vineyards label. An avid home chef and clean living connoisseur, she focuses on crafting single varietal, single vineyard wines that reflect the diversity of soils and microclimates in the region. From her work in the vineyard and careful selection of our best fruit, to her patience in the barrel room and meticulous attention to details, Thérèse never settles for anything short of the best in each vintage. She leverages her robust olfactory sense to produce award-winning wines distinguished by their beautiful aromas.

The Thérèse Vineyards label is particularly well-suited to food pairing and cellaring. Our Wine Club members enjoy even the most limited vintages of our Thérèse Vineyards wines in their quarterly shipments.

Winemaker Dan Martin produces wines under our J.D. Hurley label, a nod to his deep agricultural roots and his Uncles Jack and Dan. Whether crisp and refreshing or smooth and full-bodied, Dan pays special attention to the flavors and mouthfeel by utilizing his taste bud sensitivity.

Our J.D. Hurley label wines go great with any number of casual meals, and they are just as comfortable standing alone.

Bay Area locals will find them in many markets and wine bars, in addition to here at the winery.

Thérèse and Dan Martin synthesize their unique winemaking styles and objectives in our third label, Soulmate. Working with the finest fruit in the Santa Cruz Mountains and time-honored traditions in the barrel room, our Soulmate wines are exceptionally limited in production- often with less than four barrels produced per vintage.

Each bottle is a true reflection of their shared passion for winemaking, land stewardship, and the Martin Ranch community.

Wine Club members have exclusive access to our Soulmate label, as well as periodic tastings and pairings.

our winemakers

Martin Ranch Winery is a reflection of the many hands that were involved in the process of building our winery community and award-winning wines. From our greeters and tasting hosts to our harvest crew and barrel room staff, we are committed to creating memorable experiences for every visitor and in every bottle.

Dan Martin

Owner | Winemaker

Whether he’s tirelessly working in the vineyard or offering guests barrel room tours, Dan draws from decades of farming and sustainable living to passionately advocate for land stewardship and wine education at MRW. His J.D. Hurley label wines pay homage to his agricultural roots and exemplify the fearless spirit of California winemakers. As a "super taster", Dan can discern subtle variations in wine, which allows him to adeptly blend flavor profiles and maintain consistency from vintage to vintage. His wines are crowd-pleasers, noted for their round edges and immediate drinkability.


Thérèse Martin


One of a handful of female winemakers in the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, Thérèse has been a trailblazer in the industry for two decades. Leveraging her unique sensitivity to smell, Thérèse Vineyards label wines are noted for their subtle nuances and distinctive aromas as well as their cellaring capability. Her diligence in the vineyard and meticulous attention in the barrel room leads to award-winning results in the bottle. Thérèse is also an avid home cook, clean living advocate, and organic gardener. She earned a Viticulture and Enology certification from the University of California, Davis.


David Dockendorf

Winemaking | Production | Broad Market

An integral member of the MRW team since 2008, David oversees Winemaking and Production from harvest to bottle and is responsible for distinguishing the nose and mouthfeel of our award-winning wines. With his intimate knowledge of our varietals, he also coordinates with our Broad Market Sales Team to strategize growth outside of the winery at local stores and in restaurants. David graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Agribusiness and a minor in Wine and Viticulture.