Wellness Wednesday - Confetti Corn and Bean Salad

This summer we began a Wellness Wednesday series on Facebook and Instagram to highlight Winemakers Thérèse and Dan Martin's commitment to sustainable and clean living. Each video leaves you with a simple challenge to help you begin to take small steps to increase your overall wellness.

Here at the winery, Winemakers Thérèse and Dan Martin promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle not only through education, but by preparing plant-based lunches for our staff, and by offering plant-based options at our Wine Club events.

Last year, Thérèse made this Confetti Corn and Bean Salad for our annual Harvest Celebration. Packed with flavor and fresh summer veggies, this salad was a huge hit; even for the self-proclaimed carnivores! With just a few ingredients, you too can create a flavorful, healthy, and hearty dish, perfect for enjoying as you celebrate Independence Day with friends and family.