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Martin Ranch Winery - 6675 Redwood Retreat Road Gilroy California, 95020
Phone: 408.842.9197

6675 Redwood Retreat Road
Gilroy California, 95020


Martin Ranch Winery is a family-owned & operated winery and vineyard, located at the Southeastern tip of the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation. 

At Martin Ranch Winery you will find a unique passion for winemaking, a passion for the grapes the soil, and the land & a passion for making every one of our Thérèse Vineyards, J.D.Hurley, and Soulmate wines a unique experience. 

Bottle Your Own - Wine Club Event


Event Details

We're excited to announce our first Wine Club event of 2018! Wine Club members and their guests are invited to join us at the winery this February for our annual Bottle Your Own event. 


Friday      Feb. 23, 10:00 AM - 4 PM
Saturday  Feb. 24,  9:30 AM - 4 PM
Sunday    Feb. 25, 10:00 AM - 4 PM
Monday   Feb. 26, 10:00 AM - 2 PM

Reservations are taken in half hour time slots


How does it work? 

Our Bottle Your Own event gives you a behind the scenes look at part of the winemaking process. This year, winemakers Thérèse and Dan Martin have been crafting a delicious Rhône blend for you to bottle. You'll select what time you'd like to begin your bottling, and we'll set up our production area just as we do for our winemaking team, with the wine, bottle, cork, capsule, and label to let you try your hand at bottling!

After you bottle your wine, enjoy a picnic on the patio while listening to live music from the Classic Echoes and Elastic Moon. Wine will be available for purchase by the glass and bottle. 

Feeling creative? For the first time ever we're hosting a wine label contest! In the past, lots of families have had fun designing their own labels for various events: weddings, birthdays, reunions, etc. Over the years we've seen a lot of amazing labels, and so this year we are hosting a label contest to reward you for your hard work!

Pricing details

1 case     $139    - $11.58 per bottle
2 cases  $273    - $11.38 per bottle
3 cases  $402    - $11.17  per bottle
4 cases  $531     - $11.06 per bottle
5 cases  $660    - $11.00 per bottle
6 cases  $789    - $10.96 per bottle


 7 cases  $  918   - $10.93 per bottle
 8 cases  $1047   - $10.91 per bottle
 9 cases  $1176    - $10.89 per bottle
10 cases $1305   - $10.88 per bottle
11 cases  $1434   - $10.86 per bottle
If you purchase 12 cases, we'll make it a Baker's Dozen (13 cases)
13 cases $1563   - $10.02 per bottle


Wine Club Bottle your own


This event is one of our most popular and fills up fast. Before making your reservation, please review the following information. 

  • In order to attend, you must be a current Wine Club member. Wine Club members may invite guests, but the Wine Club member will need to make the reservation.
  • Before calling or emailing, please select a time to bottle.
  • Please decide how many cases you would like to bottle. There is a 1 case minimum purchase per 2 people.
  • Confirm the number of people in your party. 
  • Provide a credit card. Only one credit card will be accepted per reservation. This event is non-refundable and will take place rain or shine.




    This year we are holding our first ever label contest! Making your own labels adds a special touch to your wine, and can be perfect for weddings, reunions, corporate gifts, and birthday parties. Over the years we've seen a lot of amazing labels, and decided that it's about time we host a contest! 

    It's very simple to enter, all you need to do is provide us with a copy of your label when you come to bottle. We'll take all of the labels and upload them to an online survey which we will send to our Wine Club members. Throughout the month of March, our club members will be able to vote on their favorite design. We'll announce the winner in our first email in April, and the winner will receive a magnum of wine! If you're looking for a great tool for designing your own wine labels, Evermine is a great place to start!


    If you're bottling 12 cases or more, and think you're the fastest bottler on Redwood Retreat Road, we'll time you and see how you actually stack up compared to everyone else! After groups bottling 12 or more cases have all bottled, we'll announce the winner and they'll receive a magnum of wine as their trophy.

    Final details

    • This is a hands on event, so please dress accordingly! Because you will be working alongside our machinery, we ask that you wear comfortable closed toed shoes- no sandals or high heels.
    • No dogs will be allowed at the winery on any of the bottling days. Parties with dogs will be asked to leave, and our staff will bottle the wine for you at the bottling rate listed below.
    • Bottle Your Own is a really fun event for families and friends. For safety reasons, children are not allowed in bottling areas, but are welcome to wait with an adult while the rest of the people in your party bottle. Children must be supervised at all times, so there must be at least 2 adults in your party if you are planning on bringing children.
    • Local bands "Classic Echoes" and "Elastic Moon" will be performing on Saturday, 2/24, and Sunday, 2/25, weather permitting. Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon at the winery with your family and friends! 
    No Dogs allowed

    Can you bottle it for me?

    Yes we can! If you can't make it to the winery, no problem. We can bottle and label your wine for you. 

    Bottling charges

    •  1 case    for $10 + base price
    •  3 cases for $25 + base price
    •  6 cases for $35 + base price
    • 12 cases for $50 + base price
      13th complimentary no bottling charge

    Note: Your pre-bottled cases of wine must be picked up by March 31st. If the wine is not picked up, your wine will be shipped to you at the Wine Club shipping rate of $15 per case.