Open to the public every first and third weekend from 12 to 5pm

Martin Ranch Winery - 6675 Redwood Retreat Road Gilroy California, 95020
Phone: 408.842.9197

6675 Redwood Retreat Road
Gilroy California, 95020


Martin Ranch Winery is a family-owned & operated winery and vineyard, located at the Southeastern tip of the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation. 

At Martin Ranch Winery you will find a unique passion for winemaking, a passion for the grapes the soil, and the land & a passion for making every one of our Thérèse Vineyards, J.D.Hurley, and Soulmate wines a unique experience. 

Being Green


Being Green has always been a lifestyle for Dan and Therese Martin and the Martin Ranch Winery. Recycling, farming, gardening and water conservation have always been an important aspect of their vision and daily operations.


Energy and technology play a very important role at the Martin Ranch Winery. The onsite team at the winery catalogue important data from the winery operations using energy-efficient portable computers. Photographs, labeling and design creativity is all designed on Apple computers latest energy-efficient hardware. 


The winery building was designed by Dan Martin using energy saving techniques from the ground up. Careful insulation methods, thicker walls, and a passive ventilation system, help to keep the energy use down to a minimum while the cooling inside to a maximum. Using approved energy saving lighting inside the winery building and outside on the crush pad, Dan believes he is saving over 30% in electrical use. Plans for solar hot water systems are designed and ready to be put in place.


At the Ranch and Winery the Martins recycle all they can and encourage wine club members and their business partners to do the same. A barrel recycling program is in place with local artisans utilizing the used wine barrels for various artistic creations. A partnership with ReCORK America to become a public collection location for corks has been established at the Winery. Dan Martin is currently spearheading a glass recycling program to collect wine bottles from wine club members and other local wineries. The proceeds go to fund local charities like Community Solutions. The ship to packaging has been streamlined and they have incorporating eco-friendly Kraft boxes which reduce the use of chemicals and require less energy for the boxes production process. The Martin Ranch Winery use all organic bio-degradable plate-ware for events held at the winery.


Naturally produced compost from local farms and plant matter from the winery, is used to fertilize the vineyards and garden area.  An historic man made pond located on the Ranch stores water during the winter months and provides 90% of the watering for the vineyards. Working with nature and  the seasonal cycles, the Martins, as well as winery visitors and guests, enjoy the beauty of the vineyards and the lush year round garden, which produces some of the finest wine varietals and vegetables in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Martin Ranch Winery is a certified wildlife habitat and proud to be in the National Wildlife Federation's registry.